How can i order the different of head with body?

Pls directly send me the images, links or leave head and body information to us! We will contact u to check again as quickly!

What is standard options to dolls?

If u dont provide us any requirements about the orders, we will depend on the image of dolls to produces, and will choose removable vagina and standing feet!

Do u have extra accessories of dolls?

Yes, you can choose her wigs, eyes, lips color, nail and toenail color, tongue..., any special demand, pls feel free to contact us!

Can i have a good price?

Yes, Store will hold discount and promotion from time to time, you can like the store to get the best price anywhere!

Can i change the makeup or other by self?

Yes, you can use makeup remover to clean, TPE Head is easy to make second time!

If we would like to sale, how should we do?

Pls contact us here or email, shype, whatsapp, call, all are reply u right away and discuss the market business!

Dose she have any certification?

Yes, she has CE, ROHS, MSDS..., America and Europe area both are no problem to ship!

Will the nail/toenail drop off easlier?

No, it wont! If it was dropped not careful, you can directly use our glue to stick, any help, feel free to contact us!

How Can help us to repair the broken hand/leg/feet...?

We will send u the repair material or tool with corresponding repair video! If really meet terrible broken, lets know and will help u to deal with well!

How long will deliver after ordered?

After shipping will deliver at 3-5 days, via DHL/ UPS/ FedEx/TNT/ EMS...

Can we refund if we not satisfied to what we got?

Sorry, you cant! All dolls are customized, also, before the shipping, all dolls will have the real photos in factory, so we will ship after your agreed!

How old is the dolls?

All dolls were over 18+, mostly are between 18 to 26.

How long is the service life?

Two years! But be careful, her life all will depend on your own! She is a girl, needs to take good care!

How can we store her? Will damage at the normal climate?

You can let her stand up, sit on the chair or other place. No, she has shown great resilience to climate. Normal case is no problem to her!

Dose she have the special pungent smell?

No, she dosent have, only has a little bit TPE material original smell, not pungent. If you get the parcel with a large amount of flavor, mostly are fake or bad dolls!

Her makeup is easier to drop off?

No, Now all dolls has new makeup skil to have more good smooth touch and not easier to drop off!