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  • Weight: 37kg
  • Bust: 76cm, 88cm
  • The waist: 56cm
  • Hip: 81cm
  • Shoulder width: 37cm
  • Arm length: 50cm
  • Foot long: 22cm
  • Thigh length: 88cm
  • lateral thigh: 98cm
  • Leg length: 55cm
  • palm: 17cm
  • The depth of the mouth: 14cm
  • The depth of the vagina: 15cm
  • The depth of the anus: 15cm
  • The depth of the anus: 14cm

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"Authentic Japanese facial and body features – worth every dollar!"

Her sexual appetite will leave you breathless!

"I love playing with myself and I just can't get enough - that's why I'm looking for someone who can intensify my sexual desires and satisfy my sensual cravings! I may be skinny and small in size but I will definitely blow your mind, I can fuck and suck your big rock-hard manhood anytime you'd want!"

Is a certified Asian sex bomb from head to toes! She is perfect for those who are highly attracted to horny Japanese women. Her face and petite but irresistible figure is specifically designed to resemble a true to life Japanese bombshell. Take her home and feast upon her hot "sushi pussy".

Bridgette - Small And Skinny Doll-11 Bridgette - Small And Skinny Doll-12 Bridgette - Small And Skinny Doll-13 Bridgette - Small And Skinny Doll-14 Bridgette - Small And Skinny Doll-15 Bridgette - Small And Skinny Doll-16 Bridgette - Small And Skinny Doll-17




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Really realistic TPE solid doll with metal skeleton robot doll

TPE solid doll, not inflatable doll

We promises: You will get 100% same as below picture dolls

We have a doll video an quotation, please let me know your email. We can send some videos to give you a better understanding of the authenticity of the doll.

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