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Her vagina is very deep, so men with big junks will find still find her very comfortable to use. Her breasts, face, hands and feet all feel incredibly realistic for a blow up sex doll. She is easily one of the best blow up dolls on the market right now. This Asian blow up doll is currently the top-rated blow up doll on Amiga Toy and to me, it’s no surprise. She performed better than many of the $100+ dolls I own and she even looks more realistic. Shipping to the US took only 7-15 days for me, which is very impressive.

If you want a cheap but excellent blow-up doll who will last you for years, then she is absolutely one of the best choices. She offers ecellent value for the money.

Her three holes all feel perfect, thanks to the high-quality silicone used inside her. Silicone is superior to all other materials when it comes to sex toys, as it feels smooth, realistic and is non-porous, meaning that it’s very hygienic and easily cleanable.She also comes in two different position choices: sitting and standing, so you should think which position you prefer.

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We promises: You will get 100% same as below picture dolls.

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