Barcelona Sex doll hotel

How bold people are and how productive they are. Barcelona, ​​Spain, is a city full of dreams and passion with its attractive Catalan style, and just recently, an inflatable doll sex hotel has been opened in the city of Barcelona.

  Like regular hotels, accommodation services are also provided here, but the “smart” feature is that the hotel rooms are equipped with a “sex doll” that guests can take for themselves. Only the hotel accommodation fee is charged externally, and the internal dolls are used free of charge. This method of soliciting customers can be described as clever!
The name of this hotel is “Lumidoll” and it is located in the center of Barcelona. The reason why it has become popular recently is that it is the first “quasi brothel” in Europe to provide services with physical dolls. According to Lumidoll’s official website, if you want to come here to have a passion with a sex doll, the consumption standard is 80 euros an hour

   Different from ordinary inflatable dolls on the market, each doll here is individually designed and carefully customized. The Chinese animation version of Hatsune Miku, plump and hot European sisters, petite and lovely Japanese loli and other doll styles, can definitely bring guests a new and value-for-money experience

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   According to reports, these dolls have a flexible joint design and a soft silicone material, which can meet the 108-style posture needs of the guests. At the same time, the highly realistic restoration of the organs also allows the residents to feel the almost real interaction process. And the girls will not complain, will not be tired, and fully meet the needs of the guests.

  Each room is also equipped with soft music, ambiguous lighting, soft sofas, comfortable water beds and other facilities, giving guests a real experience of various scenes. Even more shocking is that the hotel room also provides passionate “action” movies, European and American porn stars, famous island countries, and all kinds of “plots” and “postures”.
In addition, the company also announced that it will strictly disinfect and clean the dolls every time they check out. At the same time, they will also equip the room with condoms and other appliances to avoid spreading diseases. In addition, the hotel also recommends guests to use lubricants, flirting toys, love aids, etc., to add more tricks to this alternative experience.

  According to the company’s website data, most people who come here for dating will make appointments throughout the night, and even couples and couples come together to experience the fun of threesome!

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Post time: Nov-19-2021