do sex dolls feel real?

   The 2022 models made by beaza factory can be heated, real sexy big butt AI artificial intelligence silicone AI sex dolls, smart dolls, export orders are hot! ! !

Material of entity doll:
TPE (skin), epoxy resin (body), metal (skeleton)-materials comply with relevant national safety standards and are non-toxic.

Introduction to the body structure of the entity doll:

〖Joints〗——Do not maintain difficult movements for a long time to avoid deformation and damage

〖Arm, thigh〗——Don’t open it in a large arc for a long time, hang it on both sides of your body after use

〖Feet〗——Physical dolls can be divided into

:DSC_2634 DSC_2639adult sex dolls

*Standable (with screws)

    The bottom plate is designed with a three-point support frame, allowing the doll to stand independently. The characteristic is that there are 3 screw support points on the soles of the feet exposed to the skin.

*Non-standing (no screws)

    The plantar skin is completely wrapped, and the bottom plate has no screw support points. It is forbidden to let the doll adopt a standing position: 1. The weight of the doll’s body will cause compression damage to the skin of the soles of the feet. Entity doll skeleton

Don’t do the following to the doll:

× Shave the skin with a sharp tool × Rub the skin vigorously

× Wear clothes that fade easily × Put the doll in the sun

× Let the doll directly touch the ground (push a blanket or put it on a soft bed or sofa)

Change the movement of the physical doll (operate in lying or sitting position)

Correct sitting posture:-Hold the doll’s thighs with both hands and push forward (toward the doll’s body)

Instructions for use of intelligent entity dolls

The intelligent entity doll has temperature control heating, which can simulate human voice

1. Temperature controlled heating

1. Insert the official standard AC power cord into the heating power port 20cm under the armpit on the left side of the doll, and then connect the plug to the 220V household power supply. The controller will beep and the screen will display the factory default setting of 48°C and 4 Return to real-time temperature in seconds. After starting, the surface of the doll will feel hot for about 30 minutes, and it will be close to the body temperature for about 50 minutes. (Press “+” or “-” to set the heating temperature)
2. Heat is transferred from the inside of the doll to the outside. There is a temperature control probe inside, which can not directly heat the hands, tendons, and feet. (Note: This product will not affect the life or damage the product within 60℃. Please wrap the doll with a blanket when heating, which helps to heat up quickly. After heating, it can be kept warm for 5-6 hours. Special reminder: Please flatten the doll when heating Lie down, hands and feet apart.)
3. When the red light is on, the doll starts to heat up, and the controller displays the real-time temperature. At this time, the display temperature will slowly rise to the set temperature, then turn off the power, the green light will be on, and the doll will stop heating. When the temperature on the display drops by 5 degrees, the red light turns on and the doll heats up again.
4. Display real-time temperature during heating. When the display shows “Err”, it means that no heating wire or probe is connected.

Two, can talk

1. This product uses MP3 files, the sound is lifelike, and it has the feeling of a real person.
2. DC 5V charging, built-in 4.2V-200mA battery, use time 3-5 hours.
3. Power on: long press the red button to make one beep, power off: long press the red button to make two beeps.
4. Short press the red button to increase the volume, short press the green button to decrease the volume, and set the volume to level 3. (This is the total volume control)
5. Long press the green button to tune the next song, which is the next song loop.
6. When the main switch is turned on, touching the chest or lower body will make a sound. The length of the sound depends on the size of the downloaded content. The volume of the sound changes from low to high according to the vibration intensity of the doll’s chest and lower body. There are 7 levels in total. Stop the vibration for 4 seconds and return to level 1, and continue to vibrate from small to large.
7. This product can independently download 4MB of sound. Press the loop button to loop the selected content. Tap to play a song. (The company provides audio content, connect to the computer with the Android phone data cable to download)
8. Install the red and green button caps in the positions shown in the figure.


Post time: Nov-19-2021