Exciting profession!sex Doll tester

There is a company in London, England, Silicone Sex World, which specializes in the manufacture of sex toys. The increasingly popular physical dolls are also one of their products. Now, in order to develop new products, this company advertises people to be testers and try it out. The latest product, and the company’s benefits are not bad, the income of one year’s work is 35,000 pounds (about 320,000 yuan), 22 days of annual leave, free gym membership and company electronic equipment available.
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Sex toys

In addition, the company also provides shopping benefits, and employees’ family members and friends have discounts if they need to buy the company’s products. What this employee has to do is, after trying out the company’s new products, will have to give back to the manufacturer in detail, and also travel around the world to supervise manufacturing to ensure that the company’s products are maintained at the highest quality. If you have a research or passion for sex toys, you have a better chance of getting a job.

The company said that to apply for this position, it is not necessary to have relevant experience in the adult industry, but only need to have a high degree of enthusiasm for physical dolls, as well as a high degree of care, punctuality and enthusiasm to complete the work. Of course, if you have to buy physical dolls or toys experience will be more divided. Marketing Manager Thorne mentioned: Now more and more people like sex toys, so this new position will be a very important role, which can ensure the quality of our products and help us be more competitive in this market.

Silicone Sex World said that they will recruit new employees during the development period of different products. The feature of this company is that buyers can create customized physical dolls according to their ideal type, and will make him 100% satisfied, but at present it still mainly focuses on female-shaped products, which means recruiting of testers may be predominantly male.

Post time: Jan-13-2022