Explore the adult silicone doll factory


The finished product weighs 22 to 50 kg and height is 68 to 170. In the workshop of Beaza sex doll, a domestic silicone doll manufacturer, at a glance, the conditions of the silicone dolls look basically the same

sex dolls     Excluding the visual differences caused by different heights and sizes, there are not too many differences intuitively, but in fact, each of them is different. The production of silicone dolls is full of complexity and uncertainty.

    The use of silica gel as a raw material is costly and the process is more complicated. From the production of the metal bones to the foam filling, it needs to be handled carefully-the metal joints must be in the center of the silicone, otherwise it will lead to the production of defective products. No one wants to buy a partner with joint ectropion or paronychia.


    Including the final silicone mold, the slightest deviation must not occur, otherwise it will only give up all previous efforts. The whole process starts with facial styling, molding, trimming body details, assembling and shaping, and applying makeup until giving the doll a corresponding image and personality, just like praying for her and injecting soul into it.

    Only a limited quantity can be produced every day. The main reason is that the curing of silica gel generally takes 6 to 8 hours. In order not to affect other processes, this process is usually carried out at night. The staff came to work in the morning, opened the mold, and a lively doll jumped out.

custom sex doll

   Most of the dolls are customized. Making faces and figures beautiful is only a basic requirement. In addition, these dolls will be labeled with different breast shapes according to the different needs of customers, from poor breasts to large breasts, and whether it is necessary to install lower body hair and so on.


Post time: Sep-22-2021