Sex doll FAQ

Q1: How many times do you wash the black clothes worn by the doll, and how long does it take to leave them completely unstained? Soak in liquid laundry detergent for 10 minutes to see if the water has any color. In addition, you can do the dyeing test with separate parts. Generally, if the water has no color, it will not be dyed. However, a new clothes should be washed so that the soaked washing powder water has no color, which cannot be done after 5-6 washes.
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Q2: Will the white fabric dye the doll? The white fabric will not be dyed, but the colored fabric will be dyed, and generally, the colored fabric will be dyed on the body when it is warm when hugged.

Q3: Are dolls easy to dye? Generally, it depends on the clothes. If the clothes themselves are not dyed, they will not be dyed. If you are afraid of dyeing, it is recommended to wear anti-staining undercoats or light-colored clothes.

Q4: Regarding dolls, the dyeing of dark clothes? Usually, don’t wear dark clothes for a long time. It doesn’t matter if the doll can be naked. It is better to prepare white underwear.

Q5: Is there no need to worry about this problem after wearing a bottoming shirt? The clothes can also be worn for a long time? Also, is the color of the clothes not fading when washed in water, but they will not be dyed, even if they are dark, they can be worn all the time? If the color fades, it will be dyed? Generally speaking, it is a safe point to wipe the clothes with a warm white damp cloth after buying them. After wearing the bottom layer, if you can guarantee to cover the whole body of the doll in the future, there will be no problem~ Be careful, it is very painful to dye… Even if the look does not fade, don’t wear it all the time, don’t be afraid of ten thousand just in case, especially the knee The areas that are often rubbed like the butt are the easiest to stain.
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Q6: How to care for the wig? You can use shampoo and then apply some conditioner to soften it.

Q7: How to beat powder? Are you done? Do you leave it directly? Hit all over. You can put it in a box or bed when you’re done.

Q8: What is the right cosmetics to buy? real. Anything will do, the requirements are not very big.

Q9: Will the doll come out of oil? Which material is out? Oil will come out. The degree is different. Diligently beat the powder, and get used to it.

Q10: Do you usually change your posture? Well, sit back and forth, lie down, change positions, be careful of the deformation of the buttocks.

Q11: How can I prevent the butt from deforming if I can’t change the posture on the sofa? Get a cushion. Try your ass.

Q12: Can I put a suitcase? It is best not to let the doll curl up for a long time.

Q13: Will water enter the doll? No, because they are all made of solid silicone, don’t worry about getting water; but be careful not to get water into your neck. For the time being, they are all metal skeletons, and you understand that metal meets water.

Q14: How do I move my doll? It is best to move the doll on a chair with wheels to avoid injury or falling on it. Of course, you can also carry it on your back or carry it, but be careful not to scratch the doll. When you do errands with the doll, you can use some auxiliary tools or pillows to fix its position. When pulling a joint, it is best to fix it on both ends of the corresponding joint with both hands, and then move it slowly. Do not twist the joint unconventionally. Also be careful to avoid rough pulling on the doll to avoid damage to the joints.
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Q15: Will the doll be dyed when wearing a wig? The quality of wigs purchased directly from regular doll manufacturers or purchased with dolls is generally guaranteed and will not be dyed. Be careful when you buy them outside.

Q16: How long does it take to put the doll in the box? It is best to powder the doll once a month. If there is a lot of oil, it will stick together, and it will be troublesome.

Q17: How to wash the hair of the doll, take it off and rub it in water or buy a ball and hang the hair on it for washing? Dry or blow dry after washing? Remove the doll’s hair, soak it in the water and rub it with a little shampoo, rub it from side to side, don’t make a circular motion. Then rinse off the foam with water, then soak in a mixture of water and conditioner or conditioner for half an hour, then remove it. Let dry, blow dry if you like, but half dry. Basically no trouble.

Q18: Is the color removal cream also corrosive after the doll is dyed? The color removal cream will be slightly corrosive to the doll, so it is not easy to use, and the dyeing cannot be remedied.

Q19: Is there any effect on the color removal cream used for large-area dyeing of the buttocks of dolls? To what extent can it be recovered? It is effective, and it is generally as good as before.

Q20: How long will the doll last if it is well maintained? Usually about 3-5 years.

Q21: Can the doll be stressed in one place for a long time? Will sitting for long periods of time hurt? Don’t stay in one position for a long time, you can change positions for three or five days, lie on your side, lie on your back, etc.
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Q22: How to deal with the indentation of the doll? Soak in hot water, or apply a hot towel.

Q23: The doll is slightly dyed or stained with dust, how should the olive oil be wiped? Do you just apply it directly and wash it off? Rub with olive oil first, then rinse off with water, and hit with talcum powder.

Q24: Is olive oil just edible olive oil? Generally, olive oil is used for skin care.

Q25: How to clean with Fuyanjie? Add water, suck it up with the privacy washer that comes with the doll, and spray it inside.

Q26: Can the doll stand up? A doll with three screws on the bottom of the doll’s feet can stand.

Q27: What should I do if the doll’s ankles are bent too much and the skin is wrinkled? The doll is made of soft TPE material. Wrinkles or indentations will appear after unnatural twists or pressure on the doll for a long time. This is a normal situation. Recovery Time).

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