Use sex dolls to relieve loneliness true story

Speaking of sex dolls, it is always inseparable from personal attacks such as "perversion" and "mental illness".

Once someone knows that there is such a toy, they face the long-term ridicule of being publicly executed. Whether it is deliberate or joking, the phrase "your girlfriend is leaking secrets" will always make the person concerned do not know how to continue, and will secretly hide their hobbies.

Over time, friends in the doll circle are enjoying it, but people outside the circle still use pure "sex" to measure this matter.

But have you ever thought that the existence of these silicone dolls is not only for sexual needs?

Putting aside the worldly prejudices, behind every sex doll is the spiritual sustenance of the user
1. Elderly people who spend their old age with silicone dolls
In 2016, the 70-year-old man bought a silicone doll online for 16,000 RMB after serving his deceased wife, and put on the red dress of his wife as a yearning.
Before his death, his wife was very worried about his old age and offered to introduce him to his wife, but was rejected.


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"I feel that the fate between me and my wife is not exhausted. There are still many things to do at the moment. I can't let go of my feelings with my wife." After finishing, I will feel that I am in place. "

From then on, the 70-year-old man began to learn makeup, buy accessories for "wife", talk to "her", and sometimes lead her to dance in the living room.
When eating, he will prepare two sets of bowls and chopsticks and put the rice in front of the "wife".

Or watch TV together, or listen to boring Thai homework.

For the future, the old man made it clear that if there is a smart silicone doll, as a second or third-generation wife, he will definitely be willing to buy another one.

In the eyes of the elderly, this silicone doll is a carrier to continue the relationship between his wife and himself. Entity dolls are not just mere adult products, but also a vehicle for people to express their feelings and place their feelings.

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Post time: Nov-04-2021