Using sex dolls to relieve loneliness true story (2)

Middle-aged man who is father and daughter with silicone doll
36-year-old Mr. Li has a silicone doll named “Sakura”, but he never had sex, but regarded it as a daughter
In the circle, Mr. Li’s practice is called: baby friend. Different from other users, many of them do not use the adult function of dolls, but are more enthusiastic about dressing up dolls like Japanese players, and taking dolls to shoot outdoors.

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In 2015, that was the first time that Mr. Li took his daughter “Sakura” out. Several of the group of friends in the same group were very nervous. After all, holding a silicone doll in the street during the day, this looks like it to ordinary people. Abnormal behavior.
The reason why Mr. Li entered this circle has a lot to do with the past few bad love histories, coupled with the unsatisfactory and powerlessness at work, made him fall in love with this feeling of projecting all emotions onto the silicone doll. .

“Through taking care and dressing up her, finding something to do, and finding someone who needs you, I will feel that it is meaningful to do these things.”
He would take his daughter “Sakura” to go out to watch movies and eat fast food, and in the process of “raising a baby” and “being a father”, Mr. Li also experienced “I don’t know how much rice is expensive when I’m not in the house.” Buying clothes for “Sakura” is quite expensive.

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Mr. Li would think of his feelings when his mother and father paid for the tuition?

Currently, Mr. Zhang Li is already a product planner for a silicone doll manufacturer and has found his focus.

In his eyes, the silicone doll helped him make up for the lack of feelings he had experienced, and it was also healed by the doll.

The doll itself, as an unconscious object, has been given more spiritual meaning by the owner, which has far exceeded material value.

These adult products exist as a huge and secret demand, not so much a toy, as it is to soothe people’s loneliness.
With the rapid development of cities and the continuous updating of Internet technology, the distance between people has begun to be farther, and loneliness has become the norm for everyone in the city.

For those who are alone, these silicone dolls are no longer “products” with a single function, but more like companions who can provide companionship.

In the report on sex toys, there is an interesting feature.

That is, young people in small towns have also begun to pay for sex toys, and the proportion of consumption far exceeds that of first-tier cities, and the more the city sinks, the faster the growth of online sex consumption.

It shows that people are starting to find ways to fight against loneliness and pay attention to their inner world.

It is no longer the concept of the previous generation in the past, and will deliberately suppress or ignore their spiritual level.

When we begin to face all of this, sex toys are no longer simple tools, but also the truest self in our hearts.

Post time: Nov-12-2021