Prostate Massager vibrater

  • Product Name: New 3 Speeds+7Frequencies Prostate Massager
  • Feature: 7 frequency vibration, 7 frequency expansion
  • Waterproof: Fully body waterproof IPX5 level
  • Power supply: USB rechargeable with lithium battery
  • Battery: USB rechargeable lithium battery
  • Material: Silicone
  • Size: 5.9 x 2 x 3.9 inches
  • Color: Black
  • Model Number: 8****
  • Place of Origin: Guangdong, China
  • Keywords: vibrator sex toy
  • Function: Vibrating, stretching
  • Brand Name: OEM/ODM
  • Weight: 4.94 Ounces

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New 3 Speeds+10 Frequencies Prostate Massager & Rolling Massage Anal Sex Toys for Gay Male Prostata Vibrators for Men

• The anal thruster has a comfortable length straight up with 13.7 cm but add another 1 cm with each thrust inside you. The width is 3.96 cm, which is neither too big nor too small, and just perfect when you want a massage to go deep.

• You will absolutely love the inclusive wireless remote function. It is easy for you to tailor its vibrations to yours. Lend the remote to your special partner who will perk you up to savor succulent vibrations.

• The anal vibrator is completely waterproof, allowing for even more intriguing possibilities for even more fun times. Bring it into the shower, tub, or pool and add some excitement to solo sex.

• The best technique is for you to find with experimentation. There are 7 thrusts and 7 vibrations that can be combined together in the anal vibrator. Discover each one again and again or mix it up whenever you feel the need. There is also a magic button to control the thrust and vibration. Once activated, you can blast off within 30 seconds with the vibrations and thrusts maxed-out. Prostates can be very fickle. Something might work one day but not another.

• The round, smooth design is comfortable at any angle so you can target your most sensitive areas just right with ease. The semilunar base is ergonomic to comfortably hug preventing mishaps like slipping out even when joy wearing for hours.

Enjoy Next Level Backdoor Pleasure!

Experience incredible pleasure from our thrusting plug as it moves inside you! There are 7 patterns of vibration, as well as 7 unique thrusting modes for you to explore. The bold ripples of this vibrator massage you as you slide it in and out, then allow the shaft to elongate 0.4" to give you those deep thrusts you crave in the right place for ultimate joy. Use the remote control for effortless and convenient solo play or to add excitement to foreplay and sex or by surprising your partner with joy.

Even though this toy is designed for anal play it’s also fun to use other places too. Both your partner and yourself will enjoy using this many different ways. When fully in, it is extremely comfortable. The remote works from a very impressive distance. Over all the toy is super easy to clean and very well designed!

New 3 Speeds+7 Frequencies Prostate Massager (9)

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